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One-way bearings are crucial functional components in numerous applications

ROLLAX one-way bearings and one-way roller bearings – We safeguard the operational integrity of your mechanical applications

The Devil is in the detail. This applies in particular to the details of one-way bearing systems in the automotive industry. ROLLAX ensures that the components used in one-way bearings are suited exactly to the needs of the application. Whether torque, rotational speed, slippage or geometry. The quality of the components such as rollers or clamping elements is proven in our in-house testing facility. Downtime and faults in your technical processes can, as such, be prevented. All ROLLAX products such as ball bearings or one-way bearings must be one hundred percent functional and performance proven, as faults often lead to downtime in automotive applications.

This continual demand for quality from concept, design, and prototyping through to mass production, characterises us as a specialist for ball bearings, bespoke bearings and one-way bearings. All of the component parts that we manufacture or install are one hundred percent tested. This in-line monitoring is a core competence in the design and manufacture of high-quality one-way bearings.

Varied modular design of one-way clutches for individual applications

A one-way bearing – sometimes also known as an overrunning clutch or a backstop clutch – is a crucial component, enabling different rotational speeds of shaft and environs in one direction. For instance, when overtaking. Parts of the drive train are literally disengaged or reverse is disabled. These silently running one-way bearings can follow many different designs. The following options (selected examples) are available:

  • One-way bearing with roller clutch
  • One-way bearing with cam clutch
  • One-way bearing with sprocket clutch
  • One-way bearing with pawl clutch
  • One-way bearing with wrap spring clutch
  • One-way bearing with centrifugal roller clutch

In principle one-way bearings can be found with the most diverse functions. Whether as a standard one-way bearing, a one-way stepper feed, overrunning clutch, or overrunning freewheel, one-way bearings are versatile, both in functionality and usage.

One-way bearings with roller clutch and one-way bearings with sprag clutch are the most common types. The one-way bearings combine high torque and high rotational speed with stable functionality. Roller types cost less to manufacture than sprag types and as such offer a better price/performance ratio at higher volumes.

ROLLAX: from one-way bearing with roller clutch to sleeve type one-way bearing with ramp roller

ROLLAX is well known as a specialist for ball bearings. It is lesser known that one-way bearings and clamping elements also belong to our core skills. Our portfolio is comprehensive and varied. We provide, for example, a bi-directional one-way roller bearing clutch, offering very high locking torque. Activation via decoupler wheel. Uni-directional or bi-directional one-way clutches are used when the full torque passes through from the direction of drive. Forces from the other direction are securely blocked. This is important for adjusters when the new position needs to be held. (e.g., seat height adjuster, comfort adjuster)

Or do you require a high quality, reliably functioning, sleeve type one way clutch with ramp roller? In that case you can benefit from our specialised designs, generating high locking torque yet requiring very little space. When designing new models we always consider the economical benefits, a reason for equipping the sleeve type one-way clutch with needle rollers, making this design extremely cost effective.

Manifold models available for diverse tasks

We also manufacture customer specific one-way bearings for the most diverse applications. Following is an extract of possible fields of application respectively of various one-way bearings that find use within industrial manufacturing:

Basic Freewheel:

  • Serves to complete with connecting parts.
  • No in-built bearing,  as well as only the inner or outer ring with ramp roller
  • This freewheel cannot absorb radial forces and requires support bearings from customer
  • Lubrication by means of grease or by customer

Complete one-way bearings:

  • Are generally completely encased.
  • Has own ball bearing or in-built bearing.
  • Ready lubricated (greased)

one-way bearing add-ons:

  • No in-built ball bearing.
  • Outer ring has connections for customer interface.
  • Most lubricated by customer.

One-way bearing installation:

  • Available w/wo in-built ball bearing.
  • Press fit, feather key or other connection options available to fit outer ring.

Low-speed backstop:

  • Predestined for use with low rotational speeds.
  • Can be found in pumps, elevators but also in inclined conveyor belt systems

Anti-back-drive device:

  • Bi-directional, one-way bearing with sleeved rollers.

One-way clutch for hybrid applications:

  • Integration of one-way bearings in sprockets or pumps, such as oil pumps or hydraulic pumps powered either from mains or an electric motor, used in particular in hybrid applications. (e.g., maintaining oil pressure when in electric mode)

ROLLAX Sleeve type one-way bearing: The aim is very high switching, and frequency accuracy.

Mainly sleeved one-way bearings are found in the automotive industry. Dependent on the customer specification, these sleeved one-way bearings are designed as one-way clutches. These are preferably drawn and, in comparison, with a thin walled outer ring and roller ramp. Additionally a plastic cage and spring operated needle rollers. These types of highly complex models evidence a very high degree of switching and frequency accuracy. Functionally, this type of one-way bearing transfers the full torque force in one direction, while, at the same time, transferring a very low frictional torque (in idle mode) in the other direction. In all of our one-way bearing designs around the sleeved versions, the spring contact pressure is of the upmost importance, as only when permanent pressure is applied can the switching and frequency accuracy be reliably upheld.

Brake type, one-way bearing: ROLLAX models promise permanent premium quality. 

Based on the comprehensive knowledge and many years’ experience in the areas of research and development, you have with our company, not only a specialist for ball bearings at your side, but also an expert in the individual manufacture of long-life, extremely high-grade, efficient one-way bearings and braking apparatus. We guarantee the highest level of precision in concept and design, as well as during implementation and manufacture. This ensures, all across the range, constant high quality and functionality with regard to switch reliability, torque absorption and longevity. All ROLLAX brake type, one-way bearings are certified in accordance with international standards. We have a large selection of options in our portfolio, so that we can manufacture, for you, one-way bearing solutions for just about all fields of application.

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