Convincing automotive expertise

The knowledge and skills needed in designing and providing customized functional solutions for the automotive industry has evolved through years of market experience and continuous process improvement. Whether chassis, gearbox, steering column, of seat-adjuster applications or other bespoke automotive solutions – ROLLAX has spent 4 decades developing the key skills and capabilities necessary to become a respected supplier within the international automotive industry. We are especially proud of our acknowledged expertise in processing metal and plastic composite parts in our systems. Close collaboration with our customers, worldwide, is part of the company’s DNA and at the same time, daily practice. In this way we can provide solutions which conform to the customer’s specification, while at the same time guaranteeing the quality associated with the name of ROLLAX or RJS-bearings. Many ROLLAX-solutions have been accepted as the standard solution in automotive technology. Our component-parts are used and installed by renowned and respected manufacturers. Your benefit? - Our experience in design. Many globally active car manufacturers, and their first and second tier suppliers, trust our competence in designing new functional solutions.  Continual testing in our in-house experimental laboratory during a project, allows us to guarantee that our solutions always comply with the customer’s specifications. Tried and tested project management and highly skilled employees ensure well ordered procedures and close coordination with our partners. Naturally, we also make use of resource saving technologies such as FEA simulation, and our own prototyping development. This enables the optimization of mechanical strength and functionality while at the same time minimizing material waste in mass production. After all, developing concepts for economical production is a part and parcel of our design work. The experience and knowledge of our engineers against a background of more than 300 patents are convincing arguments for our engineering expertise in the automotive industry.

Economical Manufacturing at ROLLAX

Our know-how, the creativity of our employees and the use of modern techniques ensure the best solutions for our customers. Right from the outset, in design and development, the points are set to ensure economical production. Building our own tools and machines enables us to best reconcile the manufacture and assembly with the customer’s needs and requirements. This also allows us to provide fully automated manufacture in high volume. Whereby, the number of units can be easily adapted. Our fully automated assembly equipment can deal with quantities from a few thousand up to many millions per year.

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