Whistleblower portal of the ROLLAX Group

In order to prevent and identify misconduct in the best possible way, the ROLLAX Group has a protected reporting system "Whistleblower Portal". This is part of the ROLLAX Group's compliance management and offers employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties the opportunity to report suspected violations of applicable law and internal ROLLAX Group guidelines and to ask general compliance questions.

Specific suspicious activity reports are then examined confidentially by the ROLLAX Group's trusted employees.

The whistleblower portal is not part of the ROLLAX Group website or intranet, but is provided by the external, independent service provider EQS Group AG exclusively for this purpose. When submitting a report or question, you remain anonymous unless you consciously decide to disclose your identity.

Access to the whistleblower portal

To ensure your anonymity, please copy the URL into a new, preferably protected (private) tab.

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