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Research & Development is the bedrock of ROLLAX. With the establishment of the company in 1972, the goal was set to operate as an independent engineering design company. Since then we have earned the respect of the automotive industry who perceive us as a partner, developer and “forge” for creative engineering.

Motion technology solutions around our specialized bearings can be found in nearly all vehicles of the major car manufacturers. Whenever, standard off-the-shelf motion technology falls short of expectations, we stand ready to challenge existing solutions. We look beyond our own products and advise our customers on their applications, starting very early in the conceptualization phase. This enables the highest level of synergy between application and bearing. Major cost savings and intelligent, integrated solutions are the result.  The creativity and experience of our employees is demonstrated by the more than 300 patents, issued worldwide. Whether for gear shift systems, seating components, steering or chassis parts, together we will develop motion solutions from the birth of the idea right up to an assured mass manufacturing process. Reflecting your future in the automotive industry.

Innovative manufacturing by means of a dedicated machine park

During design and development we constantly have an eye on the economical and efficient manufacture and installation of the components. Designing and building our own automatic manufacturing equipment, in-house, enables the highest degree of flexibility and variety in manufacturing. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) allows us to simulate new design elements long before prototyping. In this way we save valuable time for our customers. The foundation for this efficiency is our highly qualified employees who are part of a continual personal development programme.  Furthermore, we provide long-term motivation via a modern working environment. Without this, the design and development performance levels would not be possible.

Impressive solutions in optimization and new developments

The challenge of improving the seemingly exhausted, the “pushing the envelope” is what drives our designers, to the benefit of our customers, with economical and innovative process and product solutions.

With our constructive value analyses, we demonstrate ways to improve existing products and find value enhancing solutions in new developments. Our design teams value an holistic approach in thinking and designing, they don’t just reflect on the individual part, but rather view the whole assembly as a system.

Approach opens a number of perspectives and facilitates new solutions for older problems. Just how fruitful this approach can be is shown in the new suspension strut concept for the automotive industry. The groundbreaking use of different materials to form a composite part has improved the performance of earlier solutions many times over.

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