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Each with its own story to tell

Our products are tailored to our customers’ applications. This means we design bearings and motion mechanisms dedicated exclusively to your application. At the same time we mass produce, in a highly automated facility, at keen and competitive prices. This apparent conflict of objectives, unique and volume, is best accomplished in the automotive industry or other large scale, mass markets.

What is our goal? You, as our customer can expect to ….

  • attain freedom in the design envelope. Your application can be smaller and lighter.
  • acquire additional features, which would otherwise not be available without additional components.
  • minimise your costs, as our bearings drastically reduce your process times and take up manufacturing tolerances in your application. A potential saving of several euro.

We have numerous examples of how ROLLAX bearings made a customer application viable in the first place. Where technically feasible we introduce plastics, as primary shaping processes offer the highest degree of freedom.

ROLLAX is not standard off-the-shelf

The strength of ROLLAX lies in the ability to create something new that will generate a tangible benefit for our customer.

It is important that our customers describe their problem –also, where possible, any scope to expand the envelope, including adjacent parts. A mere image of an existing bearing offers little opportunity, to generate added value for you.

As a specialist in this field ROLLAX plans, designs and manufactures holistic solutions tailored precisely to our customers’ needs, doing justice to and fulfilling the extremely high standards of the automotive industry. Whether suspension strut bearings, gearbox components, steering column solutions or seat adjustment concepts – ROLLAX motion technology elements are synonymous with quality and functionality.

Agile and constantly focused on an ever evolving market, ROLLAX is eminently able to provide functional solutions tailored to the demands of future mobility needs. Thorough and rigid testing, from the early design stage, in our dedicated in-house testing laboratory ensures that all components manufactured by ROLLAX adhere strictly, in all respects, to the specification.

Below are a number of fields where the ROLLAX philosophy has been successfully implemented. These examples should be seen as possibilities and not as templates. It is not a catalogue but rather a “concept forge” designed to help shape your ideas and aspirations.

ROLLAX! … Raise the bar, don’t allow your fascinating ideas to be limited by the standard off-the-shelf.

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