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As an automotive industry supplier, in a hard fought global market, ROLLAX has to prove itself, on a daily basis. A high level of automation in assembly as well as cutting edge manufacturing equipment enable us to remain highly competitive also in the German market. Our customers perceive us as a dependable and quality conscious partner. The pursuit of quality encompasses all activities within the company, this is the only way to achieving and maintaining the highest standards. That is why we pay particular attention to the quality of the materials used, the observance of standards in internal and external communication, and the compliance with quality standards both in design and manufacturing procedures and processes. Quality is achieved by the prevention of defects. The policy of continual improvement defines the actions and behaviour of all ROLLAX employees. We pay particular attention to our quality and to the quality of our suppliers. In the same way we insist on transparency in cooperation and communication with our automotive industry customers, we shape and fashion the collaboration with our suppliers. We stipulate what we expect and how we expect to achieve our quality goals together. To this end all our suppliers enter into a written quality assurance agreement. This documents all the binding demands and requirements of the quality management system across the entire supply chain. Guidelines for notifiable substances, type and scope of testing equipment, the ppm (part[s] per million) goals, goods labelling etc., are listed here. Strict quality assurance to the benefit of our customers.

ROLLAX - Certified Quality Management

The rigorous quality management system (QMS) goes above and beyond the IATF 16949 certification. Behind this standard, which strives to achieve homogeneous standards within the automotive industry, is the International Automotive Task Force, consisting of the major American and European car manufacturers. The expense and effort of certification has been a major benefit to our company.

Customer satisfaction has improved and the trust in our products and processes has strengthened. Our customers can, from the very beginning, rely on and trust in the assured quality of our products as we demand from our suppliers that they conform to IATF 16949 quality management standards.

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