The ROLLAX gene

Who we are!

We are “Mittelstand” - The backbone of German industry

Mittelstand is ethos.

The word “Mittelstand” has no adequate translation to the English language. We equate, in size to an SME, but that is where the comparison ends. Mittelstand contains much more. Mittelstand is family owned and run, looking more to long term profitability. We tend to more modern management practices, lean and total quality management. We display a laser sharp focus on innovative products for the B2B sector. We successfully employ a collaborative spirit between employer and employees and we are firmly anchored in, and an integral part of, the local community.

This means, for our customers, that while others are evaluating the risks and organising budgets we probably have the first prototype finished.

Yes, we are Mittelstand! And we say that with some pride.

We design products that cannot be found in a catalogue, but rather products that ideally suit your application. With ROLLAX you gain freedom in design to introduce new features, to better utilize the available space – and above all, to save money.

The commercial focus of our concepts is not impromptu, it is our credo. It is the reason for eminent names in the automotive industry to enthusiastically seek us out. From the very first sketch, through simulation, prototyping, in-house experimental testing, as far as Industry 4.0 - highly automated and intelligent.

Making best use of modern project management methods, we provide full-service, creative solutions, way beyond the mainstream.

We are Mittelstand! - No one is faster, more agile or more efficient.

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