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Since the establishment of the company in the early 1970’s as a manufacturer of bearings a lot has happened in the automotive industry. New technologies and new materials have been introduced. Automation and globalization have revolutionized the industry. As supplier to the automotive industry we are not only proud to have been part of the transition but also to have helped to shape the change.

The close collaboration with our customers has enabled us, over the years to design solutions which have been, in many cases, adopted as the international standard. Rollax combines the professionalism and cost effective value chain structure of a large corporation with the flexibility and speed of a SME. How do we achieve this? With creative and experienced employees who constantly further improve their qualifications and skills, with in-house machine and tool manufacture, with an in-house testing facility. – Challenge us and see. Everything is focussed on quality for our customers. Our primary goal as an automotive industry supplier is in providing the very best quality for and together with our customers. We are able to adapt our products to your designs and specifications. Safety and functionality are tested and validated in our in-house testing facility. Our automated assembly guarantees precise manufacture to the highest quality standard and in high volume. This applies to components for gearboxes, chassis, and steering columns as well as the tailored seat adjusters. The strict ISO quality and energy management standards are certified in all our facilities.


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