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When a system in a motor vehicle or in a non-automotive application causes a high axial load, that cannot be absorbed by standard bearing solutions, we will design and manufacture, for you, highly functional axial ball bearings and axial needle bearings that reliably and safely withstand the respective axial loads. In this regard it is a matter of forces that work in the direction of the shaft or axis. Spindles respectively spindle drives are good examples. That is why we manufacture, for you, axial ball bearings and axial needle bearings that, depending on the circumstances, use paired arrangements to absorb forces in both directions and as such serve as a fixed bearing.

If required, we equip axial bearings with additional compatible components such as thrust washers or slewing rings. In order to obtain entirely new functions, axial ball bearings can, at any time, be merged with radial bearings to, so called, combination bearings. ROLLAX specialises in application specific customer solutions. A needs based arrangement of axial and radial bearing can be the more high-performance, cost effective solution.

The reliable and safe axial-bearing based on a specific design.

Axial bearings are specifically designed for low to mid-range rotational speeds in conjunction with low centrifugal forces as well as extremely high rigidity. With an axial bearing exclusively axial forces arise. The load-bearing performance is always distributed uniformly across all integrated rolling elements. The use of balls instead of needle rollers for axial bearings is possible. These are less vulnerable to rotational speeds, though they possess, in most cases, lower load-bearing characteristics.

Axial needle bearings

  • With thrust washer
  • Bespoke needle design facilitates high static and dynamic axial load carrying capacity
  • Minimal installation space requirement
  • Fully maintenance free through lifetime lubrication with specialised high pressure grease
  • Customisable

Axial-Bearing: ROLLAX provides you with needs based customer specific solutions

In the automotive industry there are many applications where rotational motion is converted into linear motion. A good example for this is the power unit of an automatically opening and closing vehicle hatchback. Current technology here is a spindle drive in each side strut. 

The spindle that turns and pushes a spindle nut converting axial to linear motion, must oppose the nascent counter pressure. These axial loads are, at all times, absorbed by an axial bearing at the other end of the spindle. Other examples are steering wheel adjustment, electric braking system or the fully automatic coffee machine, with its conically shaped grinder generating axial forces.

Fully maintenance free axial needle bearing for high axial and impact loads

In addition to deep groove bearings we also provide high-quality needle bearings. The models manufactured by ROLLAX reliably absorb extremely high axial and impact loads. For this we have designed a suitable needled model that ensures the absorption of high dynamic and static axial loads.

In addition we have equipped our needle bearings with thrust washers and chosen a design that has a low space requirement. With our needle-bearing solutions you also sustainably minimise maintenance as we furnish these special needle bearings with a life-time lubrication. For you, this means our needle bearings are maintenance free for the whole life-cycle.

Combination of radial and axial bearings (Combined Bearing)

Where the axially transmitted forces of deep groove ball bearings are insufficient, 4-point bearings or two angular bearings are often used, although this incurs higher costs. One ROLLAX solution, often applied, is the combined bearing, utilising elements from axial and radial bearings, essentially two bearings in a single packet. Here, we are making use of the characteristics of the respective type of bearing, and that on a particularly interesting cost level, as the engineering process is no different to that of classical bearing manufacture. These combined bearings can only absorb axial forces in one direction, the opposing direction only the axial forces of the integrated deep groove ball bearing.

Closed design axial bearing

In addition to conventional axial bearings, where the rolling elements are visible from the outside and an additional thrust washer is required on which the rolling elements run, ROLLAX offers a completely encased version consisting of an axial bearing and two thrust washers. The benefit is a very fast, and as such, cost effective fitting of the unit. Instead of having to fit three parts in a conventional system, a single stage process is sufficient. Furthermore, enclosing the rolling elements creates an enclosed space, effectively keeping dirt and debris out while keeping the grease inside. The main design characteristic of this bearing is its extremely high durability.

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ROLLAX is synonymous with quality, in specialised bearing and motion technology systems. We plan, design and manufacture tailored solutions according to your specification – in the area of vehicle chassis, gearboxes, steering elements, seating elements and beyond.

Hundreds of patents, highly qualified employees, and proprietary in-house machine and tool manufacture, provide a sound foundation for our quality products and the desired flexibility in manufacturing.

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